Enjoying That New Credit Card Number? Time To Get Another One.

So apparently there’s yet another data breach.  This time at the arts and crafts chain Michaels.  In their announcement (available here) they don’t say when the breach started, when it ended, if it has ended, or really anything about the breach other than the fact that it happened.

The safest assumption is that if you’ve used your card at Michaels in the second half of 2013 you’ll want to request a new card from your bank.  If you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting yet another new card then at the least you’ll want to monitor your bank account regularly to ensure that no one else is using your card to have purchases. I’d go with this for now until Michaels tells us more about the details of the breach.


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  1. Given that is fair to assume these things happen more than reported, I’m wondering when new system will be introduced where pin + bank auth will be needed for payment with these cards. Honestly, I never understood why we have difference in a way how debit and credit cards are being handled from authorization point of view (at least in place where I live).

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